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About Us

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Our Story is founded in year 2014 and is currently managed by E-Driving Software Sdn. Bhd.

KPP4U is available at the following platform

What you can get from the KPP4U mobile application ?

After you choose the right platform according to your mobile phone operating system and install the mobile application. You can register or get the login ID and Password from the authorize driving institute listed here.

After login the application, you will see your login ID at the left top follow with your account balance credit. Each credit is allow you to do one set of simulation test question. You can click the following button or visit the website and login to reload your credit.

You can also edit your profile by clicking the icon below the reload credit.

You can also choose the interface language by toggle the radio button at the right side. For English or Malay language.

Begin Test

To choose the right driving license class and start the simulation test for theory part 1 (KPP01) or we call it as “Undang Test”. You can choose either motorcycle (B2/B) or car (D/DA) or the combination of motorcycle and car (70 questions for each test).

You can also choose the language for the question before you start the simulation test.

Colour Blind

This is the colour blind test which you need to PASS before you start the test for theory part 1 (KPP01). The passing mark is 20/23. You can choose the language for English or Malay before you start the test.

History Record

This is the place for you to see the history of each set of simulation test. You can review back the question and get to know the right answer for those question you have made mistake. You can also continue with the previous incomplete simulation test here. Once you have uninstall the mobile apps, the history will also deleted as the history is stored in your local phone.


E-book – The digital document for the text book you need when you attend the theory class KPP01. Besides the text book, we also include with the training and test guide which wrote by our professional team. We have summarize the key important point in this guide, remember to read it.

Video Tutorial

When you finished the theory class and pass the test. You will need to attend the practical training in the circuit which call KPP02. Please watch the video so that you will have a better understanding each element which you need to learn in KPP02.


RPK Rutin Peperiksaan Kenderaan, RPM Rutin Peperiksaan Motorsikal . You need to learn how to speak for this section. This is part of the final JPJ test. Click the voice clip and listen. You can also click the video for a complete guideline.