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Question & Answer

How to get the login ID and Password?

You can click the button below to register your account online. After register done, you can login the web portal or download the apps from google play store or apple IOS store.

The simulation question only available in Malay (Bahasa Malaysia)?

No. We provide both English and Malay for all the simulation question.

What it means by 5 credits when i done purchase online?

5 credits meaning you can have 5 times simulation test after login the account. Each time simulation test start, system will randomly select question from the question bank.

System will deduct 1 credit each time when you start a new simulation test.

You can purchase extra credits online after login the account.

Can i continue the simulation test next day?

Yes. You can continue any incomplete simulation test anytime.

If you start the test in web portal, you need to continue the test in web portal. If you start the simulation test in apps, you need to continue the test in apps. Both history record in web portal and apps is not synchronize to each other.

Do you have trial for simulation test?

Yes. You can click the button below to use the visitor access. The question in visitor access is FIX with 50 static questions.

If you have any suggestion or question, just send email to us.