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    17 years old and above
    Original Identity Card (IC / MYKAD) / Foreigner (Passport)

    • Registration
    • Course KPP01 theory – 6 hours class. Schedule depends on driving institut.
    • Booking for KPP01 theory computer test
    • After pass the KPP01 theory computer test. Processing of Learner’s Driving License (LDL). Valid for 3 months or 6 months. Maximum renew 2 years from the first issue date.
    • Obtaining L License.
    • KPP02 circuit practical learning course. 5.5 hours.
    • KPP03 on the road practical learning course. 10 hours.
    • Booking for Preliminary Driving Examination QTI-Test / Pre-JPJ Test. 30 minutes.
    • Booking for Driving Practical Examination JPJ-Test.
    • Obtaining (P) License and (P) sticker must always be attached on the windscreen of your vehicle for a period of 2 years or otherwise you will be punished.
    • Convert to CDL after 2 years.