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Examulator ONLINE is an online application which designed to help you pass your driving license exam on the first try. The driving license exam is refer to the theory computer exam which you have to take after attend the theory class which known as "KPP" - Driver Education Course. Any who would like to get a valid driving license in Malaysia needs to pass the exam in order to proceed to issue a valid learner's driving license (LDL) to continue the practical driving course.  

The Examulator ONLINE pinpoints your weaknesses by quizzing you with questions similar to those found on your actual exam and let you review the mistake. The questions will familiarize you with everything you need to know to pass your actual exam.

The Examulator ONLINE helps you manage your time and let you continue your trial exam anywhere any time. It give you the trial exam simulations that look and feel exactly like the real thing.

The Examulator ONLINE makes life simple. You'll be comfortable with the quality practice and pass the exam easily.

 Accessibility Cross Platform Web vs Desktop


Examulator ONLINE is a cloud application which running 24hours 7 days. You can access the system any where any time for the latest information update by us. 


Examulator ONLINE is designed to fit any device platform. You can access using desktop, mobile or any tablet device which have internet access.


Examulator ONLINE provide the best of traditional desktop simulator with the flexibility of web-based technology. 

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How to get STARTED?

 If you have register with the driving institute listed in our website, please contact the office to get the service to access our simulator.

 If you have the login name and password, please access the system by click the ENTER button above.

 If you have register with the driving institute which not listed in our website and you would like to access our system, please click HERE to purchase the service.

Frequent Ask Questions     
Can i purchase more credit for the trail exam after i finish my credit?
  YES. You can contact with the driving institute to top up the credit. Or you can top up the credit with us.

Can i continue the exam if internet disconnect when i am still in progress for the trail exam?
  YES. You can log in the system again and continue with your exam.

Can i review question after i finish the exam?
  YES. You can click the specific question to review the correct answer.

Can i try the service?

  YES. Please click here to try the VISITOR VERSION.

What language you provide for the simulation question?

  We provide both English and Malay language for the question. You can choose the language and type of vehicle question after you login the system.